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Obama Foundation Summit

This weekend we had the honor and privilege of attending the Obama Foundation Summit. We had the opportunity to present about the work our organization is doing and teach others about how to use their strengths to solve problems communities face in innovative ways. We displayed how our organization uses our strength, Henna, to empower refugee girls through education. Additionally, we had the opportunity to meet the CEO of the Obama Foundation, David Simas, who teared up hearing about the resilience of our refugee students. Additionally, we attended a seminar about the Global Girls Alliance , which addressed the importance of girls all over the world having access to education. We met Onaba Payab, the Director of Advancement at the American University of Afghanistan, who told her story of having to leave Afghanistan when the civil war broke out and having to seek refuge in Pakistan. She spoke about how vital it is for girls to have access to education and how she is helping girls in Afghanistan gain an education. We were inspired by her journey and she let us know how important our work was. Lastly, we had the ultimate opportunity of meeting President @barackobama , who applauded us on our work. • Thank you so much to the Obama Foundation and our community lead Angelica Vega for believing in Hands for Henna’s ability to make change. We are so grateful for this opportunity! We have so many exciting things planned and are ready to keep empowering refugee girls through education!