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Happy International Women's Day from Hands for Henna!

With more RISE workshops and International Women's Day, Hands for Henna has been busy raising money and increasing education in refugees' lives.

On March 17th, Hands for Henna partnered with RISE's Mesa branch for another educational workshop, including using the scientific method to predict why tornadoes happen, making lava lamps, and making life journals. Thank you to RISE for allowing to collaborate!

Aside from all the craziness that the organization has been a part of, March 8th was International Women's Day. Fun fact: the International Women's Summit, which occurred that weekend, was actually held in Phoenix, Arizona this year!

This year's theme for women's day was #BalanceforBetter, or "forging a gender-balanced world" through being aware of gender bias and celebrating women's achievements.

The theme is particularly prevalent as new feminist waves arise, many of which people believe to be perpetrating the idea of female superiority, when the true intent is to promote equality. This month, let's be conscious of our own personal biases and potential micro-aggressions against our fellow women. Remember, acceptance and positivity for people regardless of their background is a huge step to a balanced world, whether it's for the disabled, women, or refugees.