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Exploring Careers in Healthcare with University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix

On November 30th, we headed over to the University of Arizona - College of Medicine Phoenix to teach refugee youth about different careers in healthcare! We had presentations by the different professions, who talked about their schooling and what they do, and answered questions. We talked about the MD, PA, OT, PT, Pharmacy, & Nursing programs! We had MD students, PA students, OT students, PT students, and Pharmacy students who talk about their various programs. There were also stations set up where each profession played a game or set up an activity to help the students learn about what their occupation requires from them. Along with these educational activities, there were also simulations for us to go through—CPR compressions, tying surgical knots, taking blood pressure, performing knee reflex tests, & practicing precision for surgeries. All in all, a super fun and informative opportunity that we are so happy to have experienced! Thank you to all the volunteers from UA COMP, NAU, and ASU! Also, thank you to RISE for all their help!

A group picture!